Review: VIKTOS Wartorn Gloves

Review: VIKTOS Wartorn Gloves

The logistics of how you carry out your goals, both in business and recreation, is important to you. We know that. The tactical aspect of these areas is crucial. So, when it comes to protection–it should be at the top of your priority list. Whether you’re in the field or at the range – you’re going to need some high-quality tactical gloves.

The Viktos brand has been around since 2017 and was launched by an incredible team of industry and military veterans. Their goal was to create gear with undeniable quality for those in combat, training, and R&R. And although the company may be new to the market, between them they have decades of experience. Viktos is a family-run business with a caliber of products that you know you can trust. Their Wartorn tactical gloves are no exception, and they’re the brands’ top-selling tactical glove–here’s why.  

The last thing you need from your gloves during a weekend of shooting are failed fingers, blown seams, and palms that shred. The Wartorn tactical gloves were designed with all of these fail points in mind. Not to mention, they’ve added numerous elements of functionality as well, such as touchscreen-compatible trigger fingers and thumbs, backside wrist-cinch closures, and customizable knuckle pads.

The Wartorn gloves feature thumb valleys and palms that have been reinforced with Viktos’ Combative Leather, designed to combat the intense checkering of modern polymer handguns. The leather is synthetic, but don’t confuse that with low-quality. Their synthetic leather helps you maintain a firm grip during rain or while sweating because it provides better traction than animal hide.

The trigger and middle finger features reinforced fourchettes to prevent premature gusset failure, and on all fingers, you’ll find silicone printing for impressive grip of your firearm. As for protecting your knuckles, these tactical gloves have a full-sized polymer knuckle to provide backhand coverage and individualized, segmented finger knuckles for ultimate flexibility.

What takes the Wartorn tactical gloves to the next level are the customizable letters, which Viktos calls MORALPHABET (sold separately). These allow the users to not only have durable, high-quality gloves, but to make them their very own. The velcro letters adhere to the knuckles and can be used to spell out a name, a unit, a phrase, or whatever the user would like–making a statement without ever saying a word.

Compared to other tactical gloves on the market, the Viktos Wartorn gloves are not just of extremely high quality, but they’re at a price point that is affordable to everyone–around $64.90. While you can certainly find tactical gloves for under $20, you’ll be disappointed in their lifespan, features, and wear over time. Other brands may offer the same or similar features, but expect to spend upwards of $90.

On average, the main issues with most combat and tactical gloves are loosened stitches, worn-out palms, and ripped fingertips. Viktos has done their absolute best to eliminate these issues and assure their customers that this is a long-lasting tactical glove that you can depend on.  

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