Stay Covert and Ditch the Tactical Look!

We are often questioned as to what the best tactical pant for covert use would be. Generally we would stick to the 5.11 Stryke Pant, 5.11 Apex Pant or Pentagon Aris Pant however, in most cases, these pants are required to be worn with a business shirt hence eliminating the requirement for cargo pockets.

Introducing the Pentagon Tactical 2 Pants! This 2 way cotton/spandex stretch pant is your answer to business covert duties.

Before we get into detail on the Pentagon Tactical 2 Pant we'll explain a little on the other option which is the 5.11 Ridgeline Pant. They are two very different pairs and we'll detail why:

5.11 Ridgeline Pant

The 5.11 Ridgeline Pant is engineered from 5.11's now famous 2 way mechanical stretch fabric and features what you would come to expect from 5.11 - durability, teflon coating, YKK zippers, bar tacking etc. The pockets have been though of carefully and placed in the right positions and along with the points discussed they are a great pant however, where we feel the Ridgeline Pants fail is in the fit. For us, more fashion conscious Australians, the Ridgeline Pant is designed around a jean cut - but a loose jean cut. For athletic builds these may be tight around the quads and end up looking like flairs at times. The crotch does ride high also.


This being said, this doesn't take away from the fact that the 5.11 Ridgeline Pants are a great pant for casual, covert and range wear.

Now we'll talk a little about our new favourite covert pant;

Pentagon Tactical 2 Covert Pant

Once again, for those that are looking for a pair of covert, business tactical pants, this is our top pick! The main features around the Pentagon Tactical 2 Pants are:

  • 2 way cotton spandex stretch fabric
  • Hidden YKK zippers running down the seam
  • Tunnel waist band which automatically adjusts when bending and sitting
  • Teflon treated
  • Contemporary fit

Pretty standard on both pairs (expect the Pentagon Tactical 2 does include a tunnel waist band which is my new favourite feature on any pant! Where I feel the Pentagon Tactical 2 Pant excels is the fit and look! For myself, and many others, the look of a pair of pants and how it sits on me goes a long way - as it does with organisations which require their staff to wear uniforms (security companies etc). These pants are designed with a more contemporary jean fit which tapers towards the bottom of the pant - similar to new jeans and business pants - making them ideal with business shirts and uniform shirts. The hidden side pocket is a great addition when wanting to hold your every day carry items.

To conclude: both these pants are great for covert use and are fit for purpose. As stated above, the main point of difference is in the fit.

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