REVIEW: Tasmanian Tiger Mission Pack

Choosing a backpack is like choosing a boot or glove - they must fit and breath from the moment you put it on! This week we will review the Tasmanian Tiger Mission Pack (just of our favourites). 

When you choose a backpack it is important to note the reason you're looking to buy one and what use for it you will have, as most backpacks have a capacity range of 25L - 100L. We look at 3 features when purchasing packs - 1. durability, 2. comfort & 3. efficiency.

A lot of thought has gone into designing the Tasmanian Tiger Mission pack - and I can vouch for that through the several outdoor tests we have put it through. The craftsmanship of this pack is beyond top notch! Tasmanian Tiger tick all three of our "key features" in regards to the Mission Pack. Durability is second to none, comfort and breathability is great and efficiency is where it excels! Most 3 day packs are similar on the outside however, the Tasmanian Tiger Mission pack's creativity lies in the internal compartment! 

Unlike other backpacks, Tasmanian Tiger really spent time and thinking, on how to utilise the space in this mission bag, and how to divide it in a way which will guarantee a freedom and less limitations.

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